INFORMATION LEVEL 1: INTRODUCING Earth observation scientist Dr Hugh Mortimer RAL Space | UKRI STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory !

Climate change pioneer*, Dr Hugh is an Earth observation scientist, which includes many different disciplines of science: biology, geology, physics engineering. Hugh’s focus is on developing new types of instruments to be used in space, to help detect different concentrations of gases in the atmosphere. To also map the global temperature distribution of the earth’s surface.  As part of his work, Hugh spends a lot of time in the laboratory conducting experiments, in the clean room to test the instruments, and a quite a bit of time in the field.

Hugh says: “It’s my job to build and develop new types of instruments to be used in space that will give us a view of earth that just isn’t possible from here on the ground. The cameras that I’m developing allow us to see earth in many different wavelengths.”

*Meaning of pioneer. 1 : a person who helps create or develop new ideas, methods.