INFORMATION LEVEL 1: INTRODUCING CSIRO researcher and satellite operator: Dr Amy Parker

 Australia is one of the biggest users of satellite Earth observation data. The only way to see our vast country is from space.

Meet Dr Amy Parker and see how she’s helping make satellite data more accessible to Australian researchers. 

“I had no idea this would be my dream job! If you’d told me as a teenager I’d be operating a satellite in the future I wouldn’t have believed you. I also wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do after school. But I chose subjects that interested me and a degree program that opened lots of doors and included international study,” Amy said.

Dr Amy Parker had used satellite imagery as the basis of her research for a few years. But thinking about how to collect these images in space and get them back to Earth was a different matter. Two and half years later, she is loving every aspect of being a Satellite Operations and Data Manager.

“It surprises people when I tell them what I do,” Amy said.

“They ask what the job title actually means and I find there are so many answers! That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy this role — it encompasses so many different things,” she said.

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