INFORMATION LEVEL 3: INTRODUCING CSIRO AquaWatch safeguarding freshwater and coastal resources

Water is our most important and vital resource. The health of our inland waterways and coastal environments is essential for maintaining safe water for drinking, for use by primary industries and for preserving our natural environments.

CSIRO and their collaborating partners aim to establish an integrated ground-to-space national water quality monitoring system by 2026, to safeguard our freshwater and coastal resources and grow Australia’s hightech space industry.

The AquaWatch system would deliver real-time data for monitoring and managing our valuable freshwater resources, and our coastal environments. The program will be a step-change in Australia’s national water quality information delivery. As well as monitoring the health of our inland rivers, dams and waterways, AquaWatch will also have potential application to monitor coastal wetlands, aquaculture farms, riparian vegetation and terrestrial biodiversity, mine sites, mangroves and coral reef environments.

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